Sort of about

Name: Seth Davidson

Phone: (424) 241-8118


Occupation: Lawyer, SBN 255744

Residence: Rancho Palos Verdes, California, USA

Avocation: Bicycle rider


§ 20 Responses to Sort of about

  • SETH !! i missed your recap of kevin’s 1 hour record could you send it to me ? i would really appreciate it !! thanks …

  • oh !! frick !! man … i thought i missed it … sweet – keep the pen moving !!!

  • the mostly reverend grandpa kim says:

    after giving a cursory glance to your palmares, and noting the requisite mentions of dickson, sluggo, and marco, i noted the lack of mention of ragbrai.
    really? never? harumph.

  • Man of Words says:

    Hey Seth,
    I love your Wankmeister column. It took me a while to realise it was humour. Anyway, I’m also called Davidson and I also hear the calling of the wild, unbridled cycle. The only difference between us is, if you leave aside the profession, country (I’m in the UK), you’re undoubted fitness, age and probably far more expensive bike (mine’s a 2013 Trek 1.2), is, well nothing really.

  • Dave says:

    You are one funny f*&#ing writer. Love your f*&#ing work more than any other f*&#ing writer in the cycling world.

  • Keith says:


    I was riding north on PCH Sunday June 29th and saw a group of Big Orange riders pulled over by a LA county sheriff. Did they get cited for taking up a lane?

  • Seth, good morning.

    You are doing gawd’s work, m’boy.

    PCH belongs to all Californian’s, all who bicycle it from around the world for that matter. And your work will “free” it for the multitudes.
    July 20 OCBC is supporting a memorial ride for Debra Deem and John Colvin, two who died at the hands of arrogant, careless motorists on a highway which Caltrans refuses to acknowledge belongs as much to cyclists as to cagers.

    FWIW, we sent a letter to LASD echoing LACBC’s alarm and calling for reform. By now they’ve heard from CABO and I suspect others around the state. It’s finally way bigger than one simple cite.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Pete van Nuys
    ED, OCBC

    PS your gmail addy bounced.

  • surlajante says:

    Love your blog, bought your book and got into serious trouble from my youngest daughter for continuously snorting with laughter at some of your fabulous prose. Keep up the good work.

    As someone who has already been through this, wondered how/if you broke the news of your blog to your clubmates and fellow riders and how they reacted and react now? Did you tell them about it before you started writing?

    My blog’s determinedly low key and somewhat anonymised, but I’m assuming truth will out eventually and sometime, somewhere a club mate will stumble across it. Will I need to enter witness protection and buy a new identity when this happens?

    Kind regards


  • A-Trav says:

    Dude my old email is dead. Took me a while to figure out why I wasn’t getting my CitSB fix. New email is: jmarvincampbell(at)

  • Thanks for showing me around the routes. Didn’t realize you were this Seth. Awesome! Come down to AZ sometime. -Henry

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