Do you really love them? Prove it. Now.

December 1, 2011 § 13 Comments

This is going to be short and pointy.

Do you ride a bike? Then you’re going to crash.

Read that previous line until you believe it.

Your next crash will likely result in minor or no injury, but there’s a small chance…very small…that it will be catastrophic. This means you could die, or worse.

Worse means different things to different people. To me, it means having to suffer the agony of “heroic” medical efforts when the end result is that I will remain in a vegetative state (worse than my current one). It means pain from invasive procedures. It means my family and friends having to endure watching me go through it. It means saddling my wife with horrific medical bills that she will never be able to repay. Most of all, it means having to stay alive but not getting to be “me.”

Think about what “worse” means for you, then answer me this: Do you know what an advanced health care directive is? If you don’t, simply put, it’s this: An order, signed by you while you’re still healthy, telling the doctors what kind of care you do and don’t want, and telling them what you consider to be quality of life.

Now that you know what an advanced health care directive is, you need to sign one, have it witnessed, and make sure your significant other knows where it’s located. Give your doctor a copy if you have a regular physician.

Put off doing your taxes. Put off finishing that report. Put off the dishes. Put off your vow to start daily flossing, even. But please do this. For you and for those you love. It’s one thing to say you love your family, it’s another thing to get smashed to a pulp while enjoying your “hobby” and leave them holding the bag. Man up, or woman up, and save the excuses for race day.

Here’s a link to the form I use.

Here’s a link to information about advanced health directives.

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